M.S. Norgoma Restoration Fund

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M.S. Norgoma Restoration Fund

The St Mary's River Marine Heritage Centre is working towards restoration of community spaces aboard the M.S. Norgoma, to enhance the ability for outreach activities and foster new partnerships. Through improving the physical facility and dedicating resources to Community Outreach and Engagement we can better achieve our relevance with our community, and share the history of the Upper Great Lakes here in Sault Ste Marie.

To better benefit the community and visitors to Sault Ste Marie, we want to provide engaging public spaces for use by various community groups. It will enhance the community, and visitors knowledge of the History surrounding the Upper Great Lakes and the St Mary's River, which is undergoing a UNESCO designation.

Please donate to the M.S. Norgoma Restoration Fund and help keep this important part of Northern Ontario history alive. For more information, please visit the MS Norgoma website.