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  • Northern Credit Union April 29, 2016

    Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath

    Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway and This Hour Has 22 Minutes) and Debra McGrath (Little Mosque On the Prairie) are bringing their incredible comedy and improv talents to the Sault on May 6, 2016 in support of Welcome Friend Association and Rainbow Camp™.

    Mochrie, a 25-year veteran of the performing arts is best known as a permanent fixture on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and numerous film, stage, TV and radio appearances as well as author of “Not Quite The Classics.” McGrath wrote, directed, and performed at Second City and has appeared on numerous television series, including Little Mosque on the Prairie, Babar and Franklin.

    “This annual fundraiser is in support of Rainbow Camp™. This fundraiser helps support their travel and registration fees so all who want to come, are able to,” says president, Harry Stewart.

    It's a fun night for a great cause, help us make this event a great success. We need you – please take the time to share on your facebook timeline, and/or share this email with your friends and co-workers. Help spread the word!

    There are still Meet & Greet tickets available.

    Call the Theatre Box Office @ 705-945-7299

    For tickets or more information please visit

  • Northern Credit Union April 28, 2016

    Letter from a Rainbow Camper:

    Dear, Rainbow friends, peers, supporters, and staff,

    My name is XXXXXXX; I have been a fellow camper for the past two years. I really hope again to be enrolled in the Rainbow Camp summer program. I really don’t know where to start, with all of these thoughts running through my head. I guess I’ll start off with saying that last year I had a blast at Rainbow camp, not to mention all the amazing people there! Which I hope to have the same amazing experience again this year because, of the amazing experience I had last year.

    To begin with, some of the reasons I wish to go to Rainbow camp again this year are because of last year. Reasons being last year the support there was absolutely amazing. I felt as if a ton of weights were lifted off of my shoulders, and I had the freedom to be who I really am. To explain, I felt as if the small cabin group discussions we had really opened up my mind about myself and other people. So I would be so fortunate again to have the same support there again this year if I we to go to rainbow camp again this year.

    Secondly last year I was able to figure out more about myself, as in sexuality, gender, and identity, and I was able to help other people along their path to theirs. This is another thing I love about rainbow camp, which is that people are there to support you, not just staff but the campers too! They are there to be your friends (rainbow family) but also they support you in your own choosing of identifying who you really are. It’s not just the feeling you get when you know you’re helping others along their path, but the feeling that your one of those few people who really care about gay rights, or the right to be transgender and any other way you choose to identify your shelf. It’s not just the overwhelming feeling of when people support you or except who you are, but it’s the feeling that other people care.

    These are the people that change the world for a better place. It’s like what Martin Luther King Jr. said once “I wish for people not to be judged on the colour of their skin but the content of their character.” Similar what I once heard a boy say on that Ellen show that “I wish people too not to be judged on our sexuality but the content of our character”. It’s not the colour or race or even sexuality that makes up a person, but the way the treat them shelves and others. As I would too be there to not only be a camper but also be there to support and possibly even guide some of my old and maybe even new Rainbow friends!

    - A Rainbow Camper